Symposium Orgelimprovisation: Dominik Susteck im Orgelpark Amsterdam

Hans Fidom (NL) lud zum Symposium in den Orgelpark Amsterdam. Vorträge und Konzerte u.a. von Frederic Blanc, Eva-Maria Houben, Hampus Lindwall, Tomas Adam Nowak und Gary Verkade. Dominik Sustecks Vortrag enthielt als Kernbotschaft die Idee, beim Improvisieren von der Komposition auszugehen: „I want to think as a composer, and as such, develop a new and individual sense of sound. So the improvisations shall become the expression of direct physical and sensual energy. In the process of developing these improvisations, I discover numerous points of reference. With a kind of reproductive energy, these refer to things beyond themselves and there begins authentic improvisation for me.“